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A Colourful Experience!

Pic of me and Thomasin Newton Pic of scarves pic of seasons

I love colour and have been told I have a good eye for coordinating accessories, so when I heard about Image Consultant Thomasin Newton, I couldn’t wait to ask her to analyse my colours and tell me which season of shades suit me.

She advised me to book an appointment when I had plenty of time to myself so that I could enjoy the whole experience.

Flowers grow in all of the colours of the rainbow.  Some birds have brilliant incandescent plumage and some animals have brightly coloured areas to attract mates. We humans dye our hair, wear make up and eye catching costumes to look good too, so why not get professional advice on how to make the most of our God given attributes?

On arrival at Thomasin’s lovely office, she took me into her welcoming studio and asked me to sit in a chair in front of her mirror. Colourful scarves and swathes of silk of every shade surrounded me. Thomasin lifted my hair away from my face with a hairband and asked me if I was wearing any make up or not. She said she needed my skin to be ‘au naturelle’ so that she can see which tones flatter and enhance my natural colouring. As soft, comfortable music played in the background, she placed different hues of pink, blue, green and brown across my neckline. I soon started to relax under her expert gaze.

It quickly became obvious to Thomasin that certain greens and khaki tones in the Autumn palette definitely did not suit me. Her comments confirmed what I had grown to believe, that I need to steer clear of those colours as they drain the colour from my face when held against it and make me look ill.

Black, a tone which can look great on people who favour the Winter palette, also made me look wan. Thomasin told me to avoid wearing black, at all cost.

The Before Picture

The Before Picture

Deciding whether I best suited the Spring or Summer array of shades was a harder task, even for Thomasin who has undergone special training in order to be able to give advice to people. This is where her expertise shone. She told me it can sometimes take time to fine tune your eye to being able to pick the correct complement of colours that suit someone, but it wasn’t long before she showed me that I have Summer colouring.

I love turquoise and along with purple, it is in the logo for my business WRITE WAI PR & COPYWRITING SERVICES so I have lots of turquoise or purple tops that I wear in business to enforce my branding. Thomasin advised me that blues really suit me, especially light blues and teal, but it would be advisable to choose these colours in the future instead of bright turquoise which overwhelmed my delicate skin tones and blue eyes. Thomasin was so diplomatic and full of lovely compliments that I couldn’t be offended by her advice.

I had gone to Thomasin’s studio feeling fat, frumpy and fractious but she made me feel lovely and gave me a feeling of good self-esteem that I had lost after being made redundant before deciding to do what I am good at in my own enterprise.

I left Thomasin’s studio feeling like I had been pampered, as if I had just had a manicure or a massage. Not only that, I was armed with a booklet of shade swathes that suit me to help me pick my outfits in the future.

It was strange avoiding turquoise and fuchsia at first, but as I picked out an outfit for a business function a day or two later, Thomasin’s words rang in my ear. Instead of my black suit and turquoise top, I chose to wear a soft grey silky top with matching cardigan. It was a Christmas function with lots of business women and I posted a picture of myself on my Social Media. The true value of my tuition from Thomasin quickly became apparent when people started commenting how great I looked and how the colour of my apparel really suited me.

The compliments are still flowing in as I have stuck to following Thomasin’s advice. I now feel a lot happier with myself and no longer feel dull or dowdy.

Thank you Thomasin for a wonderful life-changing experience. I won’t be looking back to black!

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‘No Gain Without Pain’

Pain shot through my legs every step I took. I could hardly move one leg in front of the other!

I hadn’t expected to feel quite like this after my first proper session with my personal trainer. My lower limbs ached. I wasn’t surprised that they ached, but I was surprised by just how much they ached. I could barely walk!

I had arrived at the gym late because I had forgotten the traffic is worse on a Saturday and was delayed. When I arrived, James got me to warm up on the treadmill by jogging for about five minutes. He then asked me do a series of lunges, followed by squats. A couple of these would have been fine, but I probably did 10 of each three times, interspersed by bouts of jogging.

Any regular fitness enthusiast knows that you have to break yourself into exercising gently, but I had not done any lunges or squats for at least 10 years, apart from those that occur naturally in my usual lifestyle. I suppose I had to get started somewhere and they say ‘there is no gain without pain’, don’t they?


After the jogging, squats and lunges, I did 10 minutes on a cycling machine and then of my own choosing, I swam for half an hour.

Swimming has always been a love of mine, despite nearly drowning in my younger days. When you are drowning, your life flashes before you and I had thought at the time, ‘I’m too young to die.’ I was 12 or 13 and could actually swim when it happened. My family had gone to Ennerdale Water in Cumbria, where it gently laps into the River Ehen. There is a small, deep pool at a bend in the river with a slab of stone that acts as a diving board. My family used to love going there.

On the day that I nearly drown, I was wearing a facemask and looked down through the crystal, clear water and saw an eel. I screamed underwater and tried to back away. In my panic, I took in water and flailed hopelessly. Gulping, I shouted for help. My Aunt was swimming close by and tried to aid me, but I just dragged her under, in my panic.

Realising things were getting serious; my Dad dived in without undressing and successfully dragged me to the bank. He had to drive home in wet trousers. It was a day I will never forget. He taught me to tread water soon after that.

Despite this traumatic experience, I still love swimming and find it relaxing and therapeutic. At the Virgin Active gym, there is a large image of a beach, which makes swimming particularly enjoyable as you can imagine you are swimming in an exotic location!

Can’t wait for next time!

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